Painting with Jane Paint Cloud and Flat Brushes

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Please read the full listing and reveiw the photos so you know exactly what comes in the set before purchasing.

**IMPORTANT** Please make sure when you order that you provide your full and accurate mailing address, including apartment number, if any.

Not all of the brushes are $7. When you select different sizes, the price will change to reflect the price for that specific brush. The set of all 5 comes with all brushes pictured and described below.

The official Painting with Jane long-handled cloud and flat paint brushes! You won't find these brushes anywhere else!

Current brushes available:

#4 Cloud (smallest)

#6 Cloud (small)

#12 Cloud (jumbo)

The bristles on these cloud brushes are super long, perfect for scrubbing and making clouds. The filaments are firm, but not stiff and scratchy.

1/2-inch Flat

1-inch Flat

These brushes are very dense with long, soft (but strong) filaments. They absorb so much paint, and really have the strength to push the paint deep into the texture of the canvas. They make blending a dream!

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Shop Frequently Asked Questions

One of your brushes is out of stock. When will it be available?

Unfortunately, I don't know. Sometimes the orders come to me really fast, sometimes it takes a little more time. I won't know when they're on their way to me until they show up on my doorstep. Please understand that if you email me to ask, that's all I'll be able to tell you :( Please keep your eye on this page. When all brushes are in stock, I'll update the note at the top of the page.​​​

Where are they available?

They are ONLY available on my website. On this page right here, in fact. These are completely custom brushes. They are not some random brushes with my name stamped on them. I had these brushes made to my specifications, which is awesome, because if we decide there’s something we don’t like down the road, I can have that changed!

Where are your brushes made?

My brushes are made in the USA!

Are the bristles synthetic or natural

All of the bristles in my brushes are synthetic. Not only is this perfect for working with acrylics, but it also means no animals were hurt to give us awesome paint brushes! I don't know about you, but that makes me happy :)

Will you ship to my country?

I SHIP WORLDWIDE!!! Unless there is a law that says I can’t ship to you, I’ll ship to you! Live in Australia? Cool! I’ll ship to you. Live in India? Yep, I’ll ship to you too! ***Please note that some countries may charge import fees/duties/or other taxes. These fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Also, the customs process takes longer in some countries than others. Tracking may not be available once your package leaves the US.

Will I receive a tracking number or notification of shipment?

Once your brushes are in the mail, you will receive a tracking number at the email address you provided to me. Because of the volume the brushes are selling in, and because I'm only one person doing all of the shipping, please give me up to a week before you get your tracking number.

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