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  • Can I sell the art I've made from your videos?
    YES! As long as you're not claiming it as your own artwork or mass-producing and making prints, I'm perfectly fine with this. Please just include a little note that it's based on one of my original painting tutorials. You can write this on the back of your canvas if you like, and include it in any online listing.
  • I'm new to painting. What materials do you recommend?
    On my Materials List page, I list some of the most common colors and materials you'll see me use. Another good resource is to check out the video description for each of my videos. I always list out the materials I use there!
  • Can I share my art with you or ask technical questions?
    YES! I would love to see what you're working on. The best way to share your art is by sharing on Instagram and tagging me there, @painting_with_jane.
  • Can I use your paintings for paint nights?
    Maybe. If you're an individual looking to have a private paint party with some friends and family at your house, absolutely!! Go for it and have a blast! If you're a non-profit/church/community center and you'd like to use my videos for FREE events, absolutely!! If you're a paint and sip establishment who will be charging people to do the painting, no, I do not currently offer a licensing program for this. If you're looking to do a paid event where the money will be going to a church/school/charity, I'm typically all for these. Please feel free to email me if your fundraising event is for something else.
  • I need more info on your paint brushes. Do you have a coupon code?
    My full line of custom paint brushes is only available on my website HERE. You won't find brushes like these anywhere else. All of my brushes are made in the USA, and have synthetic bristles that make them perfect for use with acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints! I strive to give you the highest quality brushes at the best possible price, so I don't typically have coupon codes. Once in a great while I may offer a bit of a discount, so make sure you follow my Instagram or Facebook pages so you know when that happens.
  • I'm outside of the US and I was charged a delivery fee when receiving your brushes. Why? Can you mark my purchase as a "gift?""
    Some countries do charge duty fees and taxes when importing items from out of the country. Unfortunately, I have no idea what countries do or don't, or under what circumstances they might do this. All duty fees and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient as I have no way of collecting this from you and paying it to your country. Please make sure you look into this before purchasing if this is an issue for you. By law, I'm required to fill out the customs form accurately. Failing to do so could get me into serious legal trouble. Therefore, if you purchase my brushes, I have to mark them as merchandise and note the appropriate value on the form.
  • How can I help support you?
    There are SO many ways you can help support me so I can keep bringing you free painting tutorials! First, you can make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. Subscribing, watching my videos, sharing them, and painting with me every week is one way you can support me for free! I couldn't keep doing what I do without this support, no matter how much financial support I might receive! If you already do this, thank you. I do what I do because of you ♥ Grabbing a set of my brushes and spreading the word about them is a huge support! Need some art supplies? Purchasing them through my affiliate links (located HERE or in the video description of my videos) is a big help! Whenever you make a purchase through one of my affiliate links, I may get a small commission.
  • I have another question not covered here.
    Great! Use the contact form below to send me a message! Please note that I sometimes get really behind in my email, but I'm working really hard to get caught up and stay caught up.

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