Hello there, art lovers! Many of you know me as Mr. Jane. But an even better name would be That Guy Who Refuses to Allow Jane to Paint Over or Throw Away Old Canvases (Ever). As a result of my lately discovered art hoarding compulsion, I have amassed an impressive collection of original works by Jane. These include:


  • Final versions used in Jane’s published art tutorial videos.

  • Practice canvases and earlier versions of the above.

  • Abandoned concepts.

  • Experimental abstracts.


All have been well cared for*, but few have ever been hung on a wall, and I think it’s time that changed. Since we don’t have enough walls in the house to carry all of Jane’s original paintings, and because all art deserves to be displayed, I’ve decided to make my collection available to you, the people who would appreciate them most.


Please note there is only one each of the paintings listed here, and that once they’re gone, they’re gone! See the individual painting listings for dimensions and other specifics. I will ship these anywhere in the world, but please don’t hate on me if your country imposes duty taxes and fees (I recommend looking into this ahead of time so there are no surprises!). All paintings will be shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes, lovingly packaged by yours truly. I’ll also make sure that Jane sends along a personalized thank-you note, too.


All monies earned from the sale of these paintings will go toward buying new art supplies so that Jane can continue to bring you weekly free acrylic (and sometimes even watercolor) painting tutorials on her Painting with Jane YouTube channel. Email me directly if you have any questions at font.vince@gmail.com


As they say on TV: Hurry! Act now while supplies last! I'm not just selling off my wife's art. I'm crrrrrrraaaazy!

*Jane says some of them might not have been so well cared for, and some may include paint splatters from other paintings. We'll make sure to tell you if this is the case on a painting-by-painting basis.

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