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This is an elegantly simple line of 8 brushes, but they really do just about everything you'll need.


🖌️All long handle.
🖌️Stiff, dense bristles hold tons of paint, strong enough to push the paint around and fill the canvas texture, gives a beautiful and soft blend. 
🖌️ Synthetic bristles means they're cruelty-free! It also means that they don't break and shed bristles into your paint and onto your canvas like natural bristles can.
🖌️Five sizes of filberts ranging from a tiny #2 to a jumbo #12.
🖌️Three sizes of brights from a tiny #2 to a large #10.
🖌️Now available in sets and individuals!
🖌️Perfect for both oils and acrylics! (You will need a different set of brushes for each, though).
🖌️They will be ready for you at 1pm MST TODAY!
🖌️Ships to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

🖌️Shipping rate includes full insurance!

Pandemonium Art Premium Paintbrushes!

PriceFrom $11.99
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