Please read the full listing and reveiw the photos so you know exactly what comes in the set before purchasing.

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Not all of the brushes are $7. When you select different sizes, the price will change to reflect the price for that specific brush. The set of all 5 comes with all brushes pictured and described below.

The official Painting with Jane long-handled cloud and flat paint brushes! You won't find these brushes anywhere else!

Current brushes available:

#4 Cloud (smallest)

#6 Cloud (small)

#12 Cloud (jumbo)

The bristles on these cloud brushes are super long, perfect for scrubbing and making clouds. The filaments are firm, but not stiff and scratchy.

1/2-inch Flat

1-inch Flat

These brushes are very dense with long, soft (but strong) filaments. They absorb so much paint, and really have the strength to push the paint deep into the texture of the canvas. They make blending a dream!

Painting with Jane Paint Cloud and Flat Brushes

PriceFrom $7.00