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Hello, my name is Carsten and I'm 48 years old, my birthday is on 05.12.71, verh. For almost 17 years with my childhood, which has been together for almost 30 years. I live in Germany, in Lower Saxony, Braunschweig. Painting is for me therapy, I work on my illness (colon cancer), whereby I have an ileostomy. 3 years ago I started to paint acrylic paints. On Youtube I found the lessons of Painting with Jane, so I ended up here and have already bought the really good brush. I hope to learn a lot more through the good videos from jane. If you have questions, you are welcome to do so, I am happy to answer them.

Let us have a nice time together

Best regards and wish you all a nice day Carsten

PS: I'm sorry, the text should not be displayed correctly by Google Translator. I will try to change that

my painted works

Picture 1)


Picture 2)

Heligoland (northern view with the Long Anna)

Picture 3)

Save the Earth

for an idea of mine and it's my hands / arms that I painted

Picture 4)

jellyfish Party

Carsten Gebhardt
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