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6 Things To Do the Summer Before College

summerAs the summer before college gets underway, the temptation is to take it easy, soak up some rays, and hang out with friends who won’t be joining you when you’re off to campus in the fall. While those are all worthy ways to spend some of your pre-college days, here are some other things to consider doing that will help ease your transition into freshman year…

Keep your brain active. You’ve heard of summer brain drain, which is why all throughout your academic career, you’ve had to do summer assignments, book reports, and other projects to stay sharp. In fact, you might want to read some books for pleasure because once school begins, you’ll be up to your ears in assigned reading. Also key: Stay on top of current events, and if you have access to your course curricula online, sneak a peek into what’s in store.

Take advantage of any orientation programs available. Your future college wants you to be successful, and will likely offer a number of events and activities to help get pay for assignment you acquainted with the campus, and meet fellow freshmen. Don’t miss out! For starters, you won’t be that lost freshman roaming around aimlessly on day one, but you’ll also eliminate some of those first day or school jitters. Beyond physically visiting the campus, you could also try connecting with fellow students via the school’s social media pages.

Get those annoying appointments out of the way. Once you’re in the thick of your first semester, the last thing you’ll want to think about is that overdue dentist appointment or car maintenance effort, and embarrassment you go through to get something, the happier you will be with your choice. Your mind doesn’t want to believe you went through all that for nothing, so it keeps telling you that the reward is truly worthwhile and you made the right decision. This is why hazing rituals are so effective. It would create too much dissonance to think that the painful and embarrassing hazing you went through to get into a group was all for naught, so your brain says, “I am so glad I did this. This group is awesome.” If it’s really not so awesome, and not right for you, and you’ve made a mistake in joining, it becomes very hard to admit. you forgot to get done. Use some of your summer downtime to get up to date on all of your health and other appointments.

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