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Hello Jane:

i am very pleased to find great painting tutorials that are professional , detailed and beautifully unique. i love how you teach techniques such as how to hold a brush, load paint onto the brush, when to use your wrist or fingers to control pressure and strokes. And these are just a few of your great lessons. What i love most about your lessons is the background music and your encouragement in letting the brush guide the hand and if we mess up, well thats okay. we can change it or decide later thats it looks unique to our individuality of painting. No pressure to be perfect. Also, i have no question about Gesso use lol, the never ending subject matter for u.....

i would like to make a request for a painting tutorial . my mother is quite old and misses home. i want to paint a picture of a mountain from her home town that she misses dearly will you do it ? here is a photo

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