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Intuitive Painting #3 - Old-World

This painting simply came from my desire to paint one of my favorite things, rocks. I loooooove to paint rocks and create texture, but just painting a canvas of nothing but rocks didn't seem like it would make for a very fun video, so I decided to add another element that I also loooooove painting, wood! Everything else just kinda came along for the ride.

I'm super pleased with the rocks, and I really would love to spend some time painting more of them! My main critique with this painting is that I would put more thought into the plant on a next go 'round. I think I just get impatient with leaves and little details. It's not typically my jam, digging in and spending time on little details. I mean, I CAN do it, but I get bored pretty easily. That and I get self-conscious about video length. I know, I know. You guys have told me you'd watch a video of any length, but it's still a mental block I have. Anyway, I do like how I "cheated" with the flowers, but maybe next time I'll do that with a couple different values/saturations of the pink for a bit more depth. Or, maybe, I would play to my weaknesses and just do a little cluster of old, terracotta pots instead! Ooooooooh... I think I might... Anyway...

Ready to get started on your own autumn leaves? Check out the materials list and video below. Amazon links are affiliate links. That means that if you make a purchase, I might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me continue to bring you free painting videos! Yay!

Materials list


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